UN Road Safety Collaboration networks

The UN Road Safety Collaboration supports two global networks: a network of young road safety advocates through YOURS: Youth for Road Safety and a network of NGOs through the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. As members of the UN Road Safety Collaboration, these groups represent the interests of their respective constituents and benefit from the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with experts from the global road safety community. YOURS and the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety share evidence-based best practices among their members; help to build capacities in areas such as advocacy, evaluation, fundraising and media relations; and collaborate around key road safety events, such as UN Global Road Safety Weeks and the annual World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

Youth for Road Safety (YOURS)

Established in 2010, YOURS represents young road safety advocates in 85 countries. It supports efforts in areas such as advocacy, networking and capacity development. With regard to the latter, and based on its Youth and Road Safety Action Kit, YOURS holds trainings on behalf of governments, development banks, foundations and private companies to build the knowledge and skills of young road safety leaders worldwide.

Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

Launched in 2012, the Alliance now boasts membership from more than 140 organizations in more than 90 countries. It serves as a forum from which its members can collectively advocate for road safety and the rights of victims of road traffic injury. In March 2015 the Alliance organized and hosted the Fourth Global Meeting of NGOs for Road Safety and Road Traffic Injury Victims.


UN Road Safety Collaboration

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