Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical Review


The Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical Review (SIDCER) is a network of independently established regional fora for ethical review committees, health researchers and invited partner organizations. The primary objective of SIDCER is to contribute to human subject protections globally by developing local capacity for ethical review of research involving human subjects and for developing policies on the ethics of health research.

SIDCER vision: to ensure protection for all human participants in health research globally.

SIDCER mission: to foster competent, independent, in-country decision making for promoting responsible conduct of human research through its international network of fora, and to monitor the quality and effectiveness of ethical review worldwide, with mutual understanding and respect for cultural, regional and national differences.

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Dr Juntra Karbwang
Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)

SIDCER Secretariat
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