Tuberculosis (TB)

Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Tuberculosis (STAG-TB)

STAG-TB provides objective, ongoing technical and strategic advice to WHO related to TB care and control. STAG-TB’s objectives are to provide the Director-General, through the Global TB Programme, an independent evaluation of the strategic, scientific, and technical aspects of WHO’s TB activities, review progress and challenges in WHO’s TB-related core functions, review and make recommendations on committees and working groups, and make recommendations on WHO’s TB activity priorities.

STAG-TB is comprised of 23 experts, representing ministries of health, national TB control programmes, academic and research institutions, civil society organizations, communities and patients affected by tuberculosis, and professional associations. WHO’s Global TB Programme serves as secretariat for STAG-TB.

STAG-TB reviews the policy drafts and supporting documentation during its annual three-day meeting. STAG-TB may endorse the policy recommendation with or without revisions, request additional information and re-review the evidence in subsequent years, or reject the recommendation. On occaision, STAG-TB may work between annual meetings by setting up smaller groups which can provide ad-hoc advice to WHO.