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Digital health in TB care and control

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The potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) to combat TB still remains largely untapped. Many countries and partners have embarked on pilot projects to study how eHealth (electronic health) and mHealth (mobile health) can be used in the fight against TB. WHO is in the process of collating evidence and best practices to help guide countries on how to maximize the impact of these technologies for people with TB.

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8.4 billionand more mobile connections in 2017



47%of the global population had access to the internet in 2016

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TB incidence

10.4 millionnew cases of TB in 2016

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Areas of work

Global Task Force on digital health

The Global Task Force was established by the Global TB Programme of WHO (WHO/GTB) in March 2015 and includes experts in different fields of TB care and control, in information and communication technology (ICT), technical and financial partners, and representatives from countries on the forefront of the response to the TB epidemic.

Target product profiles for digital health

A target product profiles (TPP) is a key strategic document that specifies the features of the intended ICT product. This helps to shape its development, aligning the needs of end-users with the direction taken by the developers to satisfy the demand.

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