Tuberculosis (TB)

WHO Guidance on ethics of tuberculosis prevention, care and control

In 2010, WHO published its “Guidance on ethics of tuberculosis prevention, care and control”. The document provides guidance to health care workers, policy makers, patients and civil society on ethical issues related with counselling, consent, testing, health care workers’ rights and obligations, involuntary isolation and research in TB. While the document has become an important reference point for informed ethical policy-making and public health practice, new issues surrounding TB and ethics have emerged and/or gained more attention since its publication. Amongst others, these issues relate to paediatric TB, TB and migrants, TB and prisoners, rights to health and scientific progress in TB research, non-voluntary isolation, compassionate use for TB treatment, palliative care, latent TB infection, and systematic screening of people in whom TB is suspected.

In order to reflect these new developments and challenges, the present meeting brings together experts from clinical and programmatic management of TB, public Health, and ethics. The goal is to arrive at an updated guidance that addresses emerging issues and offers operational advice for dealing with the issues identified.

WHO has planned to convene a meeting of the Guideline Development Group (GDG) in Geneva, Switzerland from 12 to 13 November 2015. The following are names of the 20 GDG members who will participate in the meeting and the process of the guideline development:

  • Tammam Aloudat
  • Farhana Amanullah
  • Ron Bayer
  • Anant Bhan
  • Tsira Chakhaia
  • Stéphanie Dagron
  • Bernice Elger
  • Andreas Frewer
  • Mike Frick
  • Michel Gasana
  • Sundari Mase
  • Davide Mosca
  • Naranbat Nyamdavaa
  • Christoph Ostgathe
  • Poonam Dhavan
  • John Porter
  • Lee Reichman
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Diego S. Silva
  • Verina Wild

Biographies of all the GDG members who will be participating in the GDG meeting and the process of the guideline development are provided below.

Any feedback or concerns on conflicts of interest regarding the GDG members of the WHO Guideline for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis should be emailed to and