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TB monitoring and evaluation: financing

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The Global TB Programme (GTB) has three main focus areas related to TB financing and economics:

1. Global financial monitoring (established in 2002)
2. National planning and budgeting (especially since 2006)
3. Economic Evaluation of TB interventions (since 1997)

Areas of work

Global financial monitoring

It is estimated that about US$ 8 billion per year is required for a full response to the TB epidemic in low- and middle-income countries. The amount excludes resources required for research and development for new TB diagnostics, drugs and vaccines, which is estimated at about US$ 2 billion per year.

National planning and budgeting

National TB Programmes (NTPs) are primarily responsible for developing budgets for their TB National Strategic Plans and grant applications to multilateral (e.g. The Global Fund) or bilateral donors (e.g. USAID). WHO provides tools to guide and support this work, and related technical assistance.

Economic evaluation of TB interventions

The Global TB Programme contributes to providing health planners and policy makers with evidence on the cost and cost-effectiveness of TB interventions, which can be used to help in decisions about resource allocation.

TB funding statistics

TB finance country profiles

TB country profiles are generated automatically based on data reported by countries and which are held in WHO's global TB database.

Are you managing financial data?

Use the TB module in the OneHealth Tool in your preferred language.

  • Use mapping functions to regroup budget lines in line with WHO annual data collection form
  • Use your own data to plan and budget your TB plan in line with the End TB Strategy

The TB planning and budgeting tool is no longer being updated because it has been replaced with the TB module in the OneHealth Tool. WHO's Global TB Programme now works to keep this TB module up-to-date.

The Global TB Programme has also developed a TB module companion workbook to help National TB Programmes develop detailed budgets from which summary outputs can then be entered in the OneHealth Tool.

If you are interested in using the TB module companion workbook (English only), please contact The TB module companion workbook is updated annually and includes:

  • Country-specific TB data (epidemiology and finance)
  • Unit costs (with some non-country specific defaults)
  • Detailed list of interventions and programme costs in line with End TB Strategy and latest WHO guidelines

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