Tuberculosis (TB)

Global Task Force on TB Impact Measurement

Presentations and reports from meetings and workshops

General (relevant to all strategic areas of work)

May 2018: Task force meeting

April 2016: Task force meeting

October 2014: TB surveillance and surveys: current status and new developments

April-May 2013: Workshop on TB prevalence surveys and TB surveillance

May 2012: Task force meeting

May 2011: TB surveillance and surveys: WHO training workshop for consultants

October 2010: Stop TB Partnership's Coordinating Board meeting

March 2010: Task force meeting

November 2009: Strategic and Technial Advisory Group for TB meeting

October 2009: DOTS Expansion Working Group meeting

September 2008: Task force meeting

December 2007: Task force meeting

June 2006: Task force meeting

Strengthening national notification and vital registration systems

September 2014: Protocol development workshop for TB inventory studies

September 2011: Standards and benchmarks to assess if surveillance data provide a direct measurement of TB cases and deaths

April 2011: Electronic recording and reporting for TB care and control

National TB prevalence surveys

June 2014: Data analysis workshop for TB prevalence surveys

November 2013: Data analysis workshop for TB prevalence surveys

February 2012: Repeat prevalence surveys in Asia: design and analysis

October 2011: National TB prevalence surveys seminar

July-August 2011: Training workshop for survey coordinators

February 2011: Training workshop for consultants and survey coordinators

October 2010: TB prevalence surveys in African global focus countries

October 2009: Meeting of the sub-group on TB disease prevalence surveys with survey coordinators

January 2009: Meeting of the subgroup on TB prevalence surveys - Survey protocol review

March and August 2008: Training workshops on TB prevalence surveys

Periodic review of methods used by WHO to estimate the burden of TB disease

March/April 2015: Meeting of the TB estimates subgroup: methods to use for WHO’s definitive assessment of whether 2015 global TB targets are met

June 2008 - November 2010: Improving estimation of TB disease burden via systematic assessment of surveillance data - Workshops in 6 WHO regions

December 2009: Symposium on "Measuring TB burden and assessing impact of control"

October 2009: Meeting of TB estimates sub-group. Geneva, Switzerland

September 2008: Consultation on revising tuberculosis estimates in five Eastern Mediterranean countries. Cairo, Egypt (Attending countries: Djibouti, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen)

June 2008: Meeting of the subgroup on review and revision of methods for the production of TB epidemiological estimates. The Hague, Netherlands