Tuberculosis (TB)

LTBI care: a mobile app to support programmatic management of LTBI

The scale-up of programmatic management of LTBI is critical to end TB epidemic. However, its uptake is still sub-optimal and systematic monitoring and evaluation of programmatic management of LTBI remains weak in many countries. The biggest challenges include the use of paper-based registers and involvement of multiple health-care service providers. The Global TB Programme of WHO, with support from the European Respiratory Society, has developed a mobile application (app) to facilitate monitoring and evaluation of programmatic management of LTBI.

The app is designed to help health-care workers to collect client variables required to monitor indicators for the programmatic management of LTBI. The data recorded are visualized on an online dashboard and can be monitored in real time. The app can be adapted to meet country-specific contexts, such as the existing national surveillance systems and national LTBI policy. WHO is planning to start field-testing of the app in several settings.

Using the mobile app and accessing the dashboard requires login credentials. Generic login credentials are provided below solely for the demonstration of the app and the dashboard. The ultimate caution should be taken not to enter real clients' data. In order to fully implement the system, it is required to set up personal log-in accounts for app users linked to a specific account for the dashboard. For those interested in implementing the app and for any feedback, please contact us at

Generic Login credentials for the app (required after launching the app)
username : orwuser1
password : Secret@123

Further detail of the app is available in the resources below.

Online dashboard

The online dashboard provides real-time charts and a map of registered clients. The generic login credentials below can be used to try it out (dummy clients data are presented on the dashboard).

Generic Login credentials
Username: agency1
Password: Secret@123