Tuberculosis (TB)

HIV/TB Task Force

At the recommendation of the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Tuberculosis and the Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee for HIV/AIDS, a WHO HIV/TB Task Force was established in 2015 to galvanise and intensify the response to HIV-associated TB.

The mission of the Task Force is to advise WHO at all levels on intensifying the HIV/TB response in order to reduce new HIV-related TB infections, and to eliminate HIV-associated TB deaths in high TB and HIV burden countries and concentrated HIV epidemic settings. The Task Force has the following functions:

  • Provide critical analysis of bottlenecks to implementation and identify innovative strategic and tailored approaches to enhance the delivery and scale-up of collaborative TB/HIV activities in all HIV epidemic settings.
  • Ensure the adoption and adaptation of defined options for integrated service delivery that also guarantee equity of access to all, including key populations most at risk of TB and HIV.
  • Define a framework for elimination of TB deaths among people living with HIV including a set of global targets that will enhance the optimal uptake of the collaborative TB/HIV activities.
  • Define a framework to address bottlenecks in adaptation and implementation for current recommendations and new approaches for reduction of new TB infections people living with HIV.
  • Drawing on global and national research plans, identify gaps, and define priorities and next steps in both basic research and development, and implementation research that addresses also issues such as social protection.

Task Force members are selected based on their individual capacity and expertise. The WHO Global Tuberculosis Programme and Department for HIV/AIDS jointly provide the secretariat for this Task Force.