Tuberculosis (TB)

Technical Support Coordination - work with the Global Fund

Partnering with the Global Fund

Global Fund support is crucial for TB prevention, diagnosis and treatment

A mother brings her child to a tuberculosis clinic in Trinidad, Bolivia.
The Global Fund/J. Rose

During the past decade, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (Global Fund) has become the largest external funder of tuberculosis (TB) care and control efforts, providing over US Dollars 3.9 billion in international donor funding for TB since 2002. WHO supports country application processes to the Global Fund new funding model and assists its Member States in implementing interventions. In 2014, nearly 80% of concept notes submitted were approved for funding.

WHO Global TB Programme roles to maximize impact of Global Fund investments

Policy guidance and strategic advice
  • Defines global TB strategy and targets and provides guidance on their adaptation at country level.
  • Develops policies and strategies to guide countries in effective TB prevention, diagnosis and treatment, including for HIV-associated TB and multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), as well as the roll out of new diagnostic technologies and active case finding.
  • Leads development of normative work to assist countries in the development of robust concept notes including single TB and HIV concept notes, and to facilitate their systematic review and strengthening.
Technical support coordination
  • With WHO regional and country offices, facilitates country dialogue by convening a global network of TB technical partners for effective technical support and coordination.
  • Supports the key elements required for Global Fund concept notes, in close collaboration with partners:
  • Joint monitoring missions; Epidemiological assessments; Development of national strategic plans;
  • Financial gap analysis; Strategic gap analysis and prioritization
  • Provides support to grant-making by working with countries, the Global Fund Secretariat and partners to build capacity at all levels
  • Provides support to grant implementation through ongoing monitoring and coordination of technical assistance with the Global Fund secretariat and partners
Monitoring, evaluation, impact measurement and funding forecasts
  • measurement of TB disease burden and associated assessments of impact, via national TB prevalence surveys and improved TB surveillance.
  • Provides standardized guidance on the epidemiological reviews required for concept note development.
  • Provides guidance on definition of indicators and targets for inclusion in national strategic plans and concept notes.
  • Provides critical epidemiological, programmatic and financial data required by the Global Fund, including for country impact profiles, key performance indicators, indicative funding allocations and replenishment efforts.
  • Provides estimates of lives saved by TB interventions.
  • Provides strategic input and advice, including for Global Fund guidance on monitoring and evaluation, and country impact ratings.
  • Promotes and supports pharmacovigilance related to new and repurposed drugs for TB treatment.
Roll-out of innovations

Supports piloting of innovative approaches, such as to engage hospitals, strengthen community and private sector engagement, safely introduce new TB drugs, and promote integration with maternal and child health services.

Partnering with the Global Fund: new funding model

WHO Global TB programme support to countries in the new funding model

WHO Global TB programme role

WHO provides strategic and technical advice, data and country intelligence

WHO regional, country offices and headquarters organize briefings and provide advice through:
  • group (co-hosted by WHO, UNAIDS and the Global Fund)
  • TB Situation Room
  • WHO/Global Fund Technical Assistance Steering Committee
  • Global Fund Technical Assistance Task Force (hosted by WHO)
  • Global Fund bodies: Technical Review Panel (TRP), the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC), the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee(SIIC) and the Technical Evaluation Reference Group

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