Tuberculosis (TB)

WHO guidelines on treatment of drug-susceptible tuberculosis and patient care and support

Guideline Development Group

The World Health Organization is in the process to update the WHO Guideline for the treatment of tuberculosis. The scope of the guideline update is to focus on the treatment of drug-susceptible tuberculosis (DS-TB) as well as patient care and support, in particular:

  • To provide updated recommendations based on new evidence on the treatment of DS-TB as well as patient care and support; and
  • To group all the existing and updated WHO recommendations on the treatment of DS-TB and patient care and support in a single document for the convenience and ease of access of the end-user.

In order to update the guidelines, the WHO process for the development of evidence-based guidelines was fully adhered to; systematic reviews were conducted and evidence was synthesized. The methodology to summarise the evidence and develop the recommendations followed the GRADE approach as required by the WHO Guideline Review Committee (GRC) (

WHO has planned to convene a meeting of the Guideline Development Group (GDG) in Geneva, Switzerland from 11 to 13 July 2016. The following are names of 19 members of the GDG who will participate in the meeting and the guideline development process:

  • Si Thu Aung
  • Frank Bonsu
  • Jeremiah Muhwa Chakaya
  • Lucy Chesire
  • Daniela Cirillo
  • Poonam Dhavan
  • Kelly Dooley
  • Kathy Fiekert
  • Simon Schaaf
  • Mike Frick
  • Andrei Mariandyshev
  • Nguyen Viet Nhung
  • Ejaz Qadeer
  • Abdul Hamid Salim
  • Holger Schünemann
  • Pedro Guillermo Suarez
  • Carrie Tudor
  • Justin Wong Yun Yaw
  • Paula Fujiwara

Biographies of all the GDG members who will be participating in the GDG meeting and the process of the guideline development are provided below. Any feedback or concerns on the conflicts of interest regarding any members of the GDG should be communicated to Dr Giuliano Gargioni (