Tuberculosis (TB)

People-centred framework for tuberculosis programme planning and prioritization, User guide


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Number of pages: 64
Publication date: 2019
Languages: English
ISBN: 9789241516273
WHO reference number: WHO-CDS-GTB-19.22



In recent years, there has been substantial progress in improving the availability of quality data to track the TB epidemic and progress in response efforts, at national and global levels. This follows major investments in national surveys, improvements in surveillance and programmatic data, and other studies. Analysis and use of these data is essential for national TB planning and prioritization. However, the greater availability of data has not always resulted in systematic analysis and use of data for national strategic and operational planning for TB, or in associated prioritization for programmatic impact. In this context, WHO and partners developed the “people-centred framework for TB programme planning and prioritization” in 2018. The framework’s aim is to facilitate a systematic approach to country-led, data-driven and people-centred planning, prioritization and decision-making. The framework is most effectively applied during the development of a country’s National Strategic Plan (NSP). However, it can also be applied at other points in the country’s planning and policy cycle.

The user guide outlines the concept of the framework and its possible applications, as well as case studies, data consolidation process and an organization of people-centred framework workshop.