EB57.R20 Intensification of research on tropical parasitic diseases

The Executive Board,

57th Executive Board Session (Jan 1976)

Having examined the progress report submitted by the Director-General in accordance with resolution WHA27.52; and

Considering that continuing importance should be given to intensifying research on tropical parasitic and other communicable diseases,

  • THANKS the Director-General for his report;
  • ENDORSES the steps taken or envisaged to implement the above resolution and also resolutions WHA28.51, WHA28.70 and WHA28.71;
  • RECOMMENDS the active development of the special programme for research and training in tropical diseases;
  • THANKS those governments and voluntary agencies that have already contributed support to test the new strategies being developed for research on tropical diseases and to implement the pilot activities involved;
  • EXPRESSES the hope that funds and other necessary forms of cooperation will continue to be made available for this purpose; and
  • TRANSMITS the report to the Twenty-ninth World Health Assembly, along with the comments of the Executive Board.