WHO's role in the development and coordination of research in tropical diseases

28th World Health Assembly (May 1975)

The Twenty-eighth World Health Assembly,

Having examined the progress report submitted by the Director-General in accordance with resolution WHA27.61;

Noting that, as one aspect of the problem, particular attention was given to tropical parasitic diseases in resolution WHA27.52;

Taking into account the discussions at the fifty-fifth session of the Executive Board and resolution EB55.R35 as well as resolutions WHA28.51 and WHA28.53 on the development of methods for controlling tropical diseases,

  • THANKS the Director-General for his report;
  • APPROVES the Executive Board's endorsement of the steps taken or envisaged to develop the special programme for research and training in tropical diseases and to implement the other mechanisms for the promotion and coordination of biomedical research described in the progress report by the Director-General;
  • WELCOMES the progress already made in the formation of task forces in relation to the promotion of research in the major tropical diseases and looks to an early development of new strategies in that field;
  • THANKS those governments and voluntary agencies which have contributed funds for promoting WHO's research activities, particularly the special programme for research and training in tropical diseases; and
  • EXPRESSES the hope that all Member States and voluntary agencies will make funds and other resources available to the maximum extent possible for the purpose of forwarding such research and research training activities, with special emphasis on the problems of the developing countries.

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