Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases

30th World Health Assembly (May 1977)

The Thirtieth World Health Assembly,

Having considered the progress report submitted by the Director-General, pursuant to resolution WHA29.71, on the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases;

Having further taken cognizance of the views expressed by the Executive Board on this programme and of the recommendations made in resolution EB59.R31;

Considering that the most appropriate environment to conduct research and training activities is in the countries affected by the diseases in question;

Emphasizing again the need for national research and training institutions in every region to participate fully in the global networks of collaborating centres of the Special Programme;

  • NOTES with satisfaction the progress made towards the establishment of the programme and in the development of its initial activities in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, and the Member States;
  • EXPRESSES its appreciation of the generous contributions to the Special Programme made so far or pledged for the future;
  • URGES the Governments of Member States (a) to maximize their contributions, and, on the other hand, (b) to develop to the fullest possible extent national research and training institutions and facilities in support of the programme;
  • REQUESTS the Director-General to identify and develop such institutions and facilities in countries of each region;
  • INVITES the Director-General:
    • to use the budgetary provisions made for the 1978-1979 biennium according to priorities approved within the Special Programme;
    • to use in the same way any budgetary provisions for the Special Programme which may be included in future programme budgets, starting with the 1980-1981 biennium;
    • to endeavour to ensure that contributions to the Special Programme originating from (a) the Tropical Diseases Research Fund which the World Bank has been requested to consider establishing and managing, (b) the WHO Voluntary Fund for Health Promotion, and (c) other agency funds such as the contributions made by the United Nations Development Programme, be made to the greatest extent possible without restrictions on the uses to which they may be put among the activities approved within the programme;
  • FURTHER REQUESTS the Director-General to continue to report on the development of the Special Programme to the Executive Board and the Health Assembly.