Programme support costs

34th World Health Assembly (May 1981)

The Thirty-fourth World Health Assembly,

Having considered the report of the Director-General on collaboration with the United Nations system, with particular reference to programme support costs(1), and the Executive Board's recommendations thereon;


2. DECIDES that, in the interest of consistency and uniformity of application throughout the United Nations system, a standard 13% charge in partial reimbursement for the cost of related technical and non-technical support and services shall be made by the Organization as from 1982 on technical cooperation project expenditures incurred under all other extrabudgetary sources of funds, including trust funds or similar funds, except that account will be taken of special WHO programmes financed from several sources of funds in which provision for the cost of the required support and services is already included in the budgets for such activities;


(1) Document EB67/1981/REC/1, Annex 10