Strengthening research capacity

Research on dengue vectors

TDR helps low- and middle-income countries to strengthen their capacity to conduct research and use research evidence while setting policies and strategies.

Our work

  • Strengthens capacity to conduct high quality interdisciplinary priority research needs
  • Analyses gaps and needs for agenda setting in research and capacity building
  • Facilitates translation of evidence into action
  • Promotes leadership in health research
  • Fosters harmonization and alignment of efforts for global health research and goals
  • Engages with key stakeholders around research and capacity needs

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Our staff

Strengthening research capacity for implementation to achieve universal health coverage

TDR Global profiles – remarkable achievements

Pascale Allotey

A career focused on gender equity

Pascale Allotey’s early work in anthropology and gender provided critical evidence that contributed to women receiving protective bednets. Today she’s teaching policy-makers and researchers to work together on implementation research.