Training and fellowships

Training on the use of rapid diagnostic tests
Jamie Guth

TDR supports scholarships, fellowships, individual training, and institutional development through regional networks, platforms and individual calls for applications.

Clinical Research and Development Fellowship: One-year fellowship to low- and middle-income country candidates to learn both the product development and full registration processes by taking part at every stage, training in the some of the world’s most advanced labs.

Postgraduate Training: Support to 7 universities from low- and middle-income countries to provide PhD and Masters degrees focused on implementation research in malaria, TB and neglected tropical diseases.

SORT IT operational research and training: Training that helps improve health systems through integrated operational research and capacity-building.

Short-term training grants: These are designed to help health researchers or research teams contribute more effectively to disease control through implementation research. They are announced on the grants page, and many are provided at the Regional Training Centres supported by TDR.

Massive open online course (MOOC) on implementation research: infectious diseases of poverty

A step-by-step online training for public health researchers and decision-makers, disease control programme managers, academics and others that focuses on how to design and demonstrate robust IR projects to improve control of infectious diseases of poverty and generate better health outcomes.

Implementation research toolkit

Implementation research is conducted within routine systems and real life settings, removed from the controlled settings associated with other types of scientific research. This toolkit was designed to help people learn a standard process that would lead to results that could be compared across regions and countries. It is designed to help identify system bottlenecks and the stakeholders to be involved, formulate appropriate research questions, conduct the research and develop a plan for implementing the study results.

Strengthening research capacity for implementation to achieve universal health coverage

TDR Global profiles – remarkable achievements

Pascale Allotey

A career focused on gender equity

Pascale Allotey’s early work in anthropology and gender provided critical evidence that contributed to women receiving protective bednets. Today she’s teaching policy-makers and researchers to work together on implementation research.