SORT IT approach

SORT IT targets implementers such as doctors, nurses, paramedical officers, data analysts, and programme officers, often with little or no prior research experience. Participants undergo training and conduct their research simultaneously. Each participant uses a relevant research project to learn the practical skills of how to write a study protocol, how to ensure quality assured data capture and analysis, how to publish in a peer-reviewed journal and how to use the study findings to foster evidence informed decision-making in public health. Participants must achieve milestones to move from one stage to the next and SORT IT courses are expected to achieve targets. Participants are supported with hands-on mentorship provided by experienced mentors.

Classic course milestones for a SORT IT course

  • Milestone 1: Submission of protocol and the ethical review form within 3 weeks of completing module 1
  • Milestone 2: Submission of the data documentation sheets within 2 weeks of completing module 2
  • Milestone 3: Submission of proof of study completion and data collection about 6 weeks before module 3
  • Milestone 4: Submission of a paper to a peer-review journal within 4 weeks of end of module 3

Target Scores for a SORT IT Course

Indicator Target
Aggregate participant satisfaction score for each module 80%
Participants complete all course milestones 80%
Papers published within 18 months of submission 80%
Papers assessed for effects of policy and practice within 18 months of submission 80%