SORT IT for interested organizations

SORT IT is expanding in geographic coverage, embracing new areas in public health, introducing more complex study designs and piloting innovative ways of deliver. Partnerships and national leadership are encouraged. You can help support this kind of customized and focused training in your country or institution by sponsoring a workshop or supporting the development of more facilitators.

Criteria for designation as a SORT IT course

In order to maintain quality and outputs of SORT IT courses, there are specific criteria to be fulfilled in order to be designated a SORT IT course. These criteria include:

  • The proposed course has modules that are based upon, or adapted from SORT IT.
  • Milestones and targets are systematically recorded as part of the implementation process.
  • The 80-80-80-80 target scores of SORT IT are monitored and reported upon. These targets have been introduced to ensure adherence to a rigorous “process” of quality control over a journey from defining a research question to its eventual influence on evidence-informed decision making.
  • On the administrative side, the course coordinator of a given course is required to update the TDR focal point on course progress. The course details that need to be sent include participant details and their research titles; module evaluation scores; course status in relation to the SORT IT 80-80-80-80 targets and archives of study protocols, manuscripts and publications.
  • If interested institutions feel they can fulfil the above, then please contact the reference person at WHO/TDR for formal registration (Dr Rony Zachariah)
Please note that:
  • SORT IT certification is based on reporting on all course milestones, committing to the rigorous SORT IT processes and endeavouring to achieve them. This is a pre-requisite for endorsement by TDR.
  • When the above conditions are not fulfilled in a given course, a phase of reappraisal may be considered after which designation as a SORT IT course may no longer apply.
  • Standard Operating Procedures exist to facilitate the planning and organisation of SORT IT courses and will be sent to the interested institution after formal registration.