Application and reporting forms

This page contains a listing of official forms and instructions for use when preparing a grant application to TDR or when preparing a financial, progress or final report, or a renewal request to TDR.

Please fill out these forms only for responding to a specific call that has been published on the TDR website.

Calls for letters of interest (LoI)

The Scientific Advisory Committees may issue Calls for Letters of Interest (LOI) as an initial step to identify potential research groups and promising ideas to be considered for funding or further proposal development.

Please submit individual letters of interest as instructed on each TDR application call, listed in the left hand links.

Grant application assessment review form

This form is designed to:

  • Inform prospective applicants of how applications are reviewed and provide a framework for critical and objective assessment of the proposal
  • Provide comments as feedback to the applicant with a clear indication of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal as appropriate
  • Provide a clear recommendation to WHO/TDR on whether or not to fund the proposed research project or proceed with the implementation of the protocol.
  • Make recommendations / suggestions which will guide the investigator in the development or improvement of the research protocol where the proposed research has enough merit to justify funding

Reseach grant application form

Please note: the completed research grant application must be sent by email or post to the email address on the research call to arrive no later than the deadline stipulated in the call for proposals. Facsimile (fax) copies or submissions arriving after the deadline will not be processed for review. In addition, Part I (administrative information) and the budget (with original signatures) must be sent by post/courier to TDR offices in Geneva:

World Health Organization/TDR
20, Avenue Appia
CH–1211 Geneva 27

TDR-Regional office small grants programme

The Small Grants Programme (SGP) is a key part of TDR’s collaboration framework with Regional Offices of WHO. Developed, disseminated, reviewed and implemented jointly, the SGP recognizes the importance of evidence generated for regional and local research priorities and strengthened research capacity of individuals and institutions in the respective regions.

Progress and renewal report assessment review form

This form is designed to:

  • Provide a critical and objective assessment of the work done in the past 12 months and inform investigators of how reports are reviewed.
  • Provide feedback to the investigator with a clear indication of the strengths and weaknesses of the document.
  • Provide recommendations to WHO on whether to continue funding, suspend or end the research project.
  • Make recommendations to guide the investigator in the subsequent stages of the project.

Progress and renewal report form

For annual progress reports, requests for renewal or changes in scope, and final reports on research and development projects supported by TDR.

Final report form

Financial report form

TDR scientists list

TDR alumni

TDR now using ORCID iD for all grantees

A simple, effective and free solution to identifying researchers and avoiding confusion among professionals and their work is now in use at TDR. The ORCID iD, a unique identification, provides benefits to researchers and for tracking the impact of TDR grants.