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TDR Global is a worldwide community of passionate scientists and experts who have been working with TDR on research on infectious diseases of poverty.

Don't miss out on opportunities for collaborating and mentoring.

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For over 40 years, TDR has been working hard at fighting diseases of poverty.
TDR has engaged researchers and experts from all over the world in its efforts.

Each individual brings unique knowledge, and together they make up a vibrant scientific community, called TDR Global.

TDR Global is committed to driving and encouraging mentoring of young scientist and fostering research collaborations.

Introducing the TDR Global platform for research networking

Looking for an expert? Need a multi-disciplinary team? Want to share your knowledge with the next generation? Requiring some additional exposure for your work?

Visit the TDR Global platform, a public database of people who have received funding, served as experts on committees, and who have been involved in TDR partnerships over the last 40 years.

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If you are a current or former TDR grantee, trainee, expert advisor, staff or committee member, and you would like to register, please email TDR first: