Quality practice in basic biomedical research (QPBR)

The quality management system outlined in these manuals provides institutions and researchers with the tools for the implementation and monitoring of quality practices in the biomedical research. The handbook highlights non-regulatory practices that can be easily institutionalised with very little extra expense. TDR has developed 3 publications to support QPBR.

Publications are:


This document is the revised version of the draft handbook Quality standards in basic biomedical research (TDR/PRD/QSBR/01.1), published in 2001. The draft handbook was based on the deliberations of a specialized scientific working group (SWG) convened by the UNDP/World Bank/World Health Organization Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR).

Trainee manual

the training manuals can be used to conduct standardized and validated training; they provide institutions and researchers with the necessary tools for implementing and monitoring quality practices in their research training of trainers will lead to propagation of the number of individuals who can train others about Qpbr

Trainer manual

Guidelines on quality of research also steer researchers towards approaching their work in a similar way, no matter where they are working. This is a critical element in research, allowing experiments to be reproduced more easily and the body of evidence on a particular research issue to grow. In the absence of national or international guidelines on Quality Practices in Basic Medical Research, in 2006 TDR published at WHO a Handbook on Quality Practices in Basic Biomedical Research (QBPR) to help researchers throughout the world produce high-quality biomedical research. The handbook highlighted non-regulatory practices that can be easily institutionalized at very little extra expense. The QPBR handbook was so well received and the demand for training so high (especially in DECs) that the decision was made to develop this brand new manual for trainers of QPBR and an accompanying manual for trainees.