The TDR Gateway

A new way to publish the science of solutions

Are you a TDR researcher who is looking to publish your findings? This innovative scientific publishing platform is now available to share new knowledge and impactful findings on how to combat infectious diseases of poverty. The TDR Gateway – high quality, peer-reviewed, open to all, transparent, prompt and impact focused.

The TDR Gateway is a new way to publish the science of solutions for TDR researchers.

What are the benefits of publishing on the TDR Gateway?

  • High quality: articles are peer reviewed post-publication, open access and indexed by PubMed
  • Independent: all editorial and peer review services are managed by F1000Research
  • Transparent: peer reviewer reports appear alongside the research and articles
  • Data sharing: inclusion of supporting data facilitates additional analysis of results
  • Fast: Immediate publication means new findings can be shared without delay – especially relevant in public health emergencies

Learn more about how to publish and where to access evidence that informs global scientific collaboration to improve the health and well-being of people burdened by infectious diseases of poverty.

For more information about TDR Gateway, please contact Rob Terry