Effective project planning and evaluation for biomedical and health research

TDR’s skill-building course is available for use in both biomedical and health research. Below are a variety of publications that can be used for the four-day course that supports participants to go through the various steps of project management on a research project.

By the end of this course, participants are expected to have: (a) clearly defined projects with set goals, objectives, and measurable indicators; (b) established a complete and realistic implementation plan as well as defined effective team work processes; (c) become more confident, acquired a more profound sense of responsibility and accountability and increased their awareness of values and challenges of working in multi-disciplinary teams; (d) fostered skills to effectively implement and monitor their projects and accurately report and evaluate its success.

It is expected that this training course will lead to realistic and well structured proposals, including clear research outputs which, in turn, will increase competitiveness for funding.

Supporting materials

Promotional leaflet

(available in English and French)

Training manual for participants

(available in English, French and Spanish)

Step by step guide for participants

(available in English, French and Spanish)

Training manual for trainers

This has the same content as the training manual for participants: it provides trainers with practical tips which are intended to support them during the presentation of the different modules of the training course (only in English).

Train the trainers

(only in English)

Project management course making an impact

This course and its materials are available for a range of biomedical and health research projects. See how others in Latin America, Africa and the eastern Mediterranean region are using it.

Person to contact

Dr Pascal Launois, Scientist, TDR
E-mail: launoisp@who.int

Collaborations and training centers offering Effective Project Planning and Evaluation in Biomedical Research trainings

Pan American Health Organization; Dr Luis Gabriel Cuervo
E-mail: cuervolu@who.int

Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Médicas (CIDEIM) Cali, Colombia; Dr A. Jaramillo
E-mail: ajamarillo@cideim.org.co

Gadja Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Dr Y Mahendradhata
E-mail: yodi_mahendradhata@yahoo.co.uk

Astana Medical School, Astana, Kazakhstan; Dr B Sarymsakova
E-mail: bakhyts@yandex.kz

Research Institute on Tropical Medicine (RITM), Muntinlupa City, The Philippines; Dr R. Olveda
E-mail: rolveda@ritm.gov.ph