TDR 2017 Results Report


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Number of pages: 54
Publication date: July 2018
Languages: English
WHO reference number: TDR/STRA/18.3



The TDR Results Report illustrates progress made against the 23 key performance indicators that are part of the monitoring and evaluation matrix, in line with the current Performance Assessment Framework.

The year 2017 marked the conclusion of TDR’s 2012-2017 strategic plan, which was successfully implemented. The report describes the achievements toward TDR’s agreed six-year targets (outcomes, tools, strategies and solutions delivered and used in countries) and how TDR worked to deliver the results. This included taking into consideration values such as equity, quality, sustainability, value-for-money and partnership.

Lessons learned from the 2012-2017 strategy cycle, as documented by the yearly results reports and by the Sixth Programme Evaluation conducted in 2016, informed and added value to the new strategy cycle, and to the revised Performance Framework that accompanies it.