TDR Research Fairness Initiative report 2018


Publication details

Number of pages: 36
Publication date: February 2018
Languages: English
WHO reference number: TDR/STRA/18.1



The Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) is a reporting system developed by the Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED) to promote and validate responsible and fair practices in international collaborative research and innovation for health. It is the first attempt at creating a systematic global evidence-based assessment of fairness in the field of global health.

This report outlines TDR’s assessment of programme performance against these domains, which were submitted to COHRED and validated in January, 2018. Fairness, within the context of RFI, is measured in five areas:

  • Benefit sharing
  • Ethics
  • Finance management
  • Legal contracting
  • Capacity building

The RFI is divided into three main domains, which are each further divided into five subtopics. Each topic is then further subdivided into three indicators. For each indicator, COHRED asks organizations to describe their current organizational practices, reference relevant standard operating procedures, policy directives or other written guidelines through an attachment or link, and report on future steps to improve that particular indicator within the next one to two years.

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