Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Who we work with


WHO Tobacco Free Initiative collaborates closely with other WHO departments at all levels in cross-cluster initiatives to facilitate the integration of tobacco control into other health programmes (e.g. child and maternal health and tuberculosis). Outside WHO, TFI works with Member States, other international organizations and civil society through NGOs working on tobacco control.

Tobacco product regulation

Tobacco is one of few openly available commercial products that are virtually unregulated

United Nations ad hoc interagency task force on tobacco control

Established by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in 1999 to coordinate the tobacco control work being carried out by different United Nations agencies

WHO collaborating centres

TFI's Collaborating Centres work on research, training and advocacy

Bloomberg Initiative to reduce tobacco use

Working with other partners in the initiative, WHO is playing an important leadership and coordination role in assisting countries with the implementation of effective tobacco control interventions

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Working to significantly reduce tobacco-caused disease, death and poverty in low- and middle-income countries