Global Vaccine Safety

Global analysis and response

To provide expert advice on vaccine safety issues at national, regional and international levels

Immunization advisory bodies that provide expert advice on managing vaccine reactions already exist in many countries, but by no means in all. The Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint concept of “minimal capacity” for vaccine safety at national level includes the existence of a functioning advisory committee. The Global Vaccine Safety Initiative promotes the establishment of such advisory bodies and will help update their recommendations in light of global evidence on vaccine safety and efficacy.

The Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) is the WHO expert advisory body on vaccine safety issues of global importance. The committee’s mission is to respond promptly, efficiently and with scientific rigour to such issues. GACVS also maintains the safety profile of vaccines recommended in global programmes and advises on the conduct of research for assessing vaccine safety signals of global importance.


February 2018

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