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Vaccine safety communication

To develop vaccine safety communication plans at country level to promote awareness of vaccine risks and benefits, understand perceptions of risk, and prepare for managing any adverse events and concerns about vaccine safety promptly

Communicating about vaccine safety is always important. It is essential in at least three situations, namely:

  • explaining properly the benefits and risks of a recommended vaccine;
  • addressing public concerns and upcoming or persistent rumours about vaccine safety;
  • preparing to address vaccine safety crises if and when they occur.

Effective communication is an ongoing process that involves all stakeholders. The GVSI will promote the development and strengthening of continuing communication about important vaccine safety issues (whether local or international) between local communities, health-care workers and decision-makers.

Vaccine safety crises are rare and most are not related to problems with vaccine products. However, unfounded or not, such crises have the potential to disrupt immunization activities, and thereby affect public health. The GVSI aims to strengthen national abilities to address public concerns about vaccine safety in a clear, factual and timely manner.


February 2018

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