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GVS training material

Vaccine safety training - Nepal, September 2010.

Substantial training is needed to strengthen and maintain capacity for national vaccine pharmacovigilance. In collaboration with an international network of experts and technical organizations, WHO develops, administers, evaluates and revises vaccine safety training packages.

The GVS Resources Centre offers learning opportunities to national public health officials, immunization programme managers, vaccination staff and members of AEFI review committees.


WHO E-learning courses on Vaccine Safety Basics

Free online courses to develop your knowledge and skills through effective instructional design:

WHO basic training

Training provided in countries requesting support, e.g. to build minimal vaccine safety capacity.

WHO training packages are available upon request.

WHO advanced trainings

Trainings provided in countries requesting more advanced support, e.g. to build the capacity of an AEFI review committee, Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR) training, training for AEFI signal detection.

WHO training packages are available upon request.

Trainer resources

A vaccine safety training tool kit to support trainers building vaccine safety capacity in countries. Vaccine safety communication course,

Pool of experts

A pool of national, regional and global experts to assist and support vaccine safety capacity building in countries.

Requests concerning the various training courses, trainer resources, or to join the pool of experts mentioned above should be sent to

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