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Vector Control Advisory Group

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Independent evaluation of the public health value of innovative new tools, technologies and approaches for vector control is needed to enable WHO to provide evidence-based advice to Member States on whether their deployment is justified. This is essential to ensure that scarce resources available for disease control are used to maximum impact. In order to assist WHO in developing public health policy on new tools, the Vector Control Advisory Group (VCAG) assesses the public health value of new interventions and provides guidance on developing the evidence base required to inform such assessments.

The next meeting will take place on 8–10 June 2020

VCAG is jointly managed by the Global Malaria Programme, the Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, and the WHO Prequalification Team for vector control products.

VCAG functions

  • To provide guidance to product developers, innovators and researchers, through WHO, on the generation of epidemiological data and study designs to enable assessment of the public health value of new vector control interventions;
  • To assess the public health value of new vector interventions submitted to WHO;
  • To provide advice to WHO, for submission to the Malaria Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) and the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for neglected tropical diseases (STAG), on the public health value of new interventions.

Reports and documents

Evaluation process

WHO process for evaluation and policy development for new vector control products.

VCAG meeting reports

A summary of proceedings and outcomes of each meeting.


VCAG related guidance

Overview of intervention classes under VCAG review

This table is updated periodically to reflect the status of interventions under VCAG review.

Submit product for WHO evaluation

All entities seeking WHO prequalification of vector control tools, technologies and approaches for public health are invited to submit a “Request for Determination of Pathway” form to WHO will use this form to determine the WHO evaluation pathway. For tools, technologies and approaches not covered by WHO policy recommendations, the applicant will then be contacted by the VCAG secretariat.

Summary of new interventions for vector control

This overview provides non-experts with an introduction to the rapidly evolving field of new interventions for vector control which have been submitted to WHO for evaluation.

Documentation from the latest meetings

Contact us

VCAG welcomes suggestions or feedback. Please send an email to