Violence and Injury Prevention

VIP short courses

VIP short courses provide a complete training resource, each addressing a specific injury or violence area. They have been designed to provide facilitators around the world with everything they need to conduct a short course of 2-5 days on various topics. These "trainings in a box" can be downloaded from our website free of charge.

Each short course follows the same modular format and contains:

  • a facilitator's guide to orient the facilitator to the material
  • a series of training modules which include PowerPoint presentations and notes for facilitators
  • supporting resources such as handouts and case studies.

The facilitators should take the time to read and study the facilitator's guide carefully. The training material and case examples can be adapted to the local injury context. The courses have been developed on the basis of a wide range of WHO materials and more courses will be developed in the future.

In order to make downloading the courses easier the components of each course have been grouped into various parts and zipped. It is important to download all parts of a given course to have the entire set of modules needed.

Available courses

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