Violence and Injury Prevention


TEACH-VIP is a comprehensive injury prevention and control curriculum which has been developed through the efforts of WHO and a network of global injury prevention experts. Currently, the most recent version of TEACH-VIP is TEACH-VIP 2, which is the second iteration of the training materials since the launch of TEACH-VIP in 2005. The course material is designed around a classroom instruction model, with PowerPoint slide presentations and supporting lecture notes which address a wide variety of topics relevant to injury prevention and control.

WHO makes this training material freely available for settings wishing to provide instruction in the area of injury prevention. The training materials and a variety of other capacity building resources for TEACH-VIP 2 are available in CD-ROM format and are supported by a 32-page users' manual. The actual training materials are structured around 67 lessons, each lesson taking approximately one hour of classroom time to teach.

Curriculum overview

The curriculum consists of 22 "core" lessons and 45 "advanced" lessons, of one hour classroom time each. The core lessons consist of a broad overview of the fundamentals of injury prevention. The advanced lessons are organized into 15 modules; each module containing 3 lessons. The advanced lessons cover the topics of the core module in greater detail, with more emphasis on the lessons that cover specialized context areas in injury prevention and control. This modular structure has proven to be effective in communicating complex health related topics.

Package of TEACH-VIP materials

The training package for TEACH-VIP 2 consists of a 32-page users' manual which includes the TEACH-VIP 2 CD-ROM.

Each individual lesson of the TEACH-VIP curriculum is supplemented by a series of institutional instructor and class materials, including the following three components:

  • A PowerPoint presentation for the training audience providing visual reinforcement
  • A Microsoft-Word document for students providing core competencies and objectives for each lesson, slide materials, required and suggested readings and references, and sample questions.
  • A Microsoft-Word document for instructors providing additional material: slide notes for each teaching slide and full references, including an annex to each lesson with full text abstracts, and responses to sample questions.

The TEACH-VIP 2 CD-ROM also contains evaluation materials in order to provide feedback to settings and WHO on the materials, as well as a large variety of additional capacity building resources.

Have you adapted TEACH-VIP in your setting?

Adapting the training content to reflect local data, different case examples, or the local contextual features is an important part of using the TEACH-VIP training material effectively. If you have modified TEACH-VIP lessons, any adaptations you have made may be helpful to WHO or other users.

WHO has established a mechanism allowing TEACH-VIP users to upload PowerPoint slides that they have modified. Uploading is easy and is accompanied by a very brief form that takes less than one minute to complete.

The PowerPoint slide adaptations uploaded by TEACH-VIP users are then made available to users of this website and are searchable by the language in which they are written, the country to which they refer, and the TEACH-VIP lesson to which they correspond.

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