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Slow Down Days: A Toolkit for Organizers


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Number of pages: 16
WHO reference number: WHO/NMH/NVI/17.8


In the context of the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week, hundreds of events are being organized across the world to highlight the dangers of excessive and inappropriate speed and promote proven solutions for managing speed, a major risk for road traffic death and injury. A key component of the Week’s initiatives at local level are “Slow Down Days”, during which activities are organized for the public on the streets of towns and cities as a way of promoting slower speed limits.

Slow Down Days provide an opportunity for organizers to show that slower speeds can not only save lives, but also deliver additional benefits for individuals, communities and governments as a whole by improving the liveability of communities. To offer advice on how to organize and host such an event, WHO, with support from the 20’s Plenty for Us campaign, has released Slow Down Days: a toolkit for organizers. The toolkit provides step-by-step guidance and concrete ideas for engaging the public and drawing the attention of the media to ensure a successful Slow Down Day.