Violence and Injury Prevention


Through their striking images and supporting text, the following posters highlight several key facts: the unacceptably high number of deaths, injuries and disabilities caused by road traffic crashes around the world each year; their propensity to strike primarily pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and passengers of public transport in developing countries; and their enormous costs to society. The posters serve as reminders to policy-makers from many sectors: health, transport, education, law enforcement - that road traffic injuries are a major public health problem, that needs to be addressed.

Deaths due to road crashes

1.2 million people will die this year as a result of road crashes – more than 3200 deaths each day.

Disabled for life

About 50 million people will be injured in road crashes this year, millions of whom will be disabled for life.

Pedestrian deaths

90% of deaths due to road crashes occur in developing countries, mostly among pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists – those less likely to own a car.

Costs of road crashes

Road crashes cost low- and middle-income countries an estimated US $ 65 Billion each year - more than they receive in development aid.

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