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The Global Network for Road Safety Legislators


In December 2016, the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators was launched by WHO, the Towards Zero Foundation and the UK Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, in London, UK. The Global Network is led by a Leadership Council composed of parliamentarians representing WHO’s six regions. The goal of the Global Network is to unite the voices of parliamentarians and parliamentary bodies in order to strengthen advocacy efforts aimed at accelerating action to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries globally. To achieve this, the Global Network advocates for leadership and good governance; promotes adoption of policy and legislation on risk factors; encourages adoption of a safe systems approach; supports the integration of safety in the broader sustainable transport agenda; fosters safe infrastructure projects; and calls for innovative funding mechanisms.

Leadership Council

The current Leadership Council is represented by members of parliament from all 6 WHO regions.

Chair: Mr Barry Sheerman (United Kingdom)
Vice-chairs: Dr Hala Abou-Ali (Egypt) and Mr Rajabu Adadi (Tanzania)

  • African Region: Mr Rajabu Adadi (Tanzania) and Mr Lucien Houngnibou (Benin)
  • Region of the Americas: Mr Hugo Leal (Brazil)
  • European Region: Mr Barry Sheerman (United Kingdom) and Mr Carlo Back (Luxembourg)
  • Eastern Mediterranean Region: Dr Sikandar Mandhro (Pakistan) and Dr Hala Abou-Ali (Egypt)
  • South-East Asia Region: Mr Surachai Liengbunlertchai (Thailand) and Dr Ganesh Mandal (Nepal)
  • Western Pacific Region: Mr Cesar Sarmiento (Philippines)

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Global Network for Road Safety Legislators, London 2016

African Chapter meeting, Abuja 2018

Eastern Mediterranean Chapter Meeting, Amman, Jordan, 2018

Global Network for Road Safety legislators, Geneva 2018

Who can join the Network?

Provided there is no conflict of interest, the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators is open to all current members of parliament who are interested and committed to improving road safety. Former members of parliament interested and committed to improving road safety can join in an honorary role as ambassadors of the Global Network.

Members automatically become members of the Regional Chapter of the Network based on their country.

To join the network

I endorse the Manifesto #4Road Safety in support of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 and the Sustainable Development Goal target to halve road traffic deaths and injuries by 2020.

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