WHO 60th anniversary

WHO60 framework

Each department as well as countries and regions has the opportunity to contribute to WHO60 by organizing or branding events under the WHO60 umbrella.

The overall framework for the year is structured as follows:

A historical look: January - March 2008

  • A January event at WHO's Executive Board and the launch of the WHO60 photo exhibition.
  • Subsequent activities in February and March that focus primarily on major achievements in public health over the past 60 years.

The future: April - December 2008

  • From April 2008 onward, a series of communications events charting out WHO's future direction will highlight cutting-edge themes such as protecting health from climate change, and the future of primary health care.
  • Two major milestones during WHO60 will include World Health Day (WHD) on 7 April 2008, followed by the World Health Assembly in May 2008.