WHO 60th anniversary

Getting the message across: historical public health campaigns

To mark WHO's 60th anniversary, WHO Press published a book – titled "Getting the message across: public health campaigns (1948–2008)" – about health communications campaigns through posters over the past six decades.

Media campaigns are one way for WHO and other health organizations to communicate important public health messages to the target audiences. The evolution of public health poster design reflects diversity in local cultures, advertising trends, government regulations and health priorities.

Some examples of posters from the book


Country/region: China
Period: 1960s
Topic: Vaccination


Country/region: India
Period: 1970s
Topic: Vaccination

US National Library of Medicine

Country/region: France
Period: 1919
Topic: Tuberculosis


Country/region: Russia
Period: 1980s
Topic: Tobacco


Country/region: The Americas
Period: 2005
Topic: Maternal and child health


Country/region: Eastern Mediterranean
Period: 2007
Topic: Avian influenza

World AIDS Campaign

Country/region: Africa
Period: 1990s