Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health


Mrs Joy Phumaphi

Co-chair of the independent Expert Review Group

Joy Phumaphi is a Botswana national. She has served the People of Botswana as Principal Local Government Auditor, responsible for all Local Authorities in the country, and subsequently as a Member of Parliament holding portfolio responsibility in the cabinet, first for Lands and Housing, and then for Health. At Lands and Housing she developed the first national housing policy which provided housing to all Botswana, regardless of income or social status. At Health, she restructured the ministry to make it more focused on results while overseeing revision of the Public Health Act and put into action a comprehensive multi-sectoral universal plan to combat HIV/AIDS. Madam Phumaphi later joined the World Health Organization as the Assistant Director General for Family and Community Health. She was responsible for the 2005 World Health Report, "Making Every Mother and Every Child Count".

She has also served as Vice President for Human Development at the World Bank where she oversaw a dramatic expansion of the network evaluation program, introduction of health results based funding, growth in the World Bank’s contribution to basic education, and the Network’s extensive role in expansion of social protection programs during the Global Food and Financial crises.

Madam Phumaphi is currently the Executive Secretary of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance, an alliance of 49 African Heads of State and Government. She also serves as co-Chair of the Independent Expert Review Group, for Every Woman Every Child, reporting annually to the UNSG on developing country-level progress on Women’s and Children’s health. Madam Phumaphi has served as a member of the UN Reference Group on Economics and as a UN Commissioner on HIV/AIDS and Governance. Madam Phumaphi currently sits on the Board of several international non-profits in Global Health, including CIFF (Children’s Investment Fund Foundation); ACHAP (African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnership; MMV ( Medicines for Malaria Venture); RBM (Roll Back Malaria Partnership), and as an advisor for Hilleman Laboratories, the Gates Foundation Malaria Program, and the Harvard Health Ministerial Leadership program.