Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Recommendation 1: Vital Events

By 2015, all countries have taken significant steps to establish a system for registration of births, deaths and causes of death, and have well-functioning health information systems that combine data from facilities, administrative sources and surveys.

Strategic Workplan

The following table presents the indicators, targets, lead partners related to monitoring progress against Recommendation 1:

Action 1

Strengthening of country civil registration and vital statistics systems (CRVS), to better count maternal, newborn and child deaths

Indicator / targets

At least 50 countries have completed an assessment and developed a plan, and have taken significant steps towards implementation by 2015 (>20 by 2013)

Lead partner

Countries, multiple sectors involved
HMN/WHO and UN Statistical Division


Strong country commitment to CRVS strengthening critical;
Expanding the HMN MoVE-IT initiative

Action 2

Strengthening of country health information systems to support timely and accurate monitoring of national health strategies accurate

Indicator / targets

At least 50 countries have timely and accurate core coverage indicators data to inform annual reviews, with appropriate data quality controls (20 by 2013)

Lead partner

Countries, health and statistical sectors


Involves well-functioning HMIS (see also rec.3), combined with regular household surveys

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