Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Recommendation 3: Innovation

By 2015, all countries have integrated the use of Information and Communication Technologies in their national health information systems and health infrastructure.

Strategic Workplan

The following table presents the indicators, targets, lead partners related to monitoring progress against Recommendation 3:

Action 1

Innovation through ICT is used to improve the performance of the health information system, (including surveillance of maternal death), facility reports, and administrative data, and data sharing, supported by national e-health strategies involving all relevant stakeholders

Indicator / targets

At least 50 countries have developed and are implementing national eHealth strategies, including specifics on how this benefits information and accountability for women's and children's health, by 2015

Lead partner

Private sector, CSO/NGO
ITU, WHO, other UN agencies

Action 2

Accelerate the consultation process to develop required standards for increased interconnectivity and common standards

Target and lead partner

Improved coordination between existing initiatives and bodies to support such as Broadband Commission, Digital Health Initiative, the World Bank, the Innovation Working group, UN-DESA, etc.

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