Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Recommendation 7: National oversight

By 2012, all countries have established national accountability mechanisms that are transparent, that are inclusive of all stakeholders, and that recommend remedial action, as required.

Strategic Workplan

The following table presents the indicators, targets, lead partners related to monitoring progress against Recommendation 7:

Action 1

Plans for national accountability mechanisms established all countries building on existing initiatives and inclusive of all stakeholders

Action 2

All countries will report on the chosen mechanism to the iERG

Action 3

From 2011, countries with support of development partners will obtain their own baseline data for the indicators recommended in the Commission report

Indicator / targets

At least 50 countries have regular national health sector review processes that meet basic criteria including broad stakeholder participation

At least 20 countries have made progress in engaging political leaders and financial decision makers in health

At least 50 countries have held at least one Countdown event

All countries provide relevant information to the iERG for review on an annual basis starting in 2012

Lead partner

CSOs, UN, PMNCH, Countdown to 2015

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