Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Recommendation 8: Transparency

By 2013, all stakeholders are publicly sharing information on commitments, resources provided and results achieved annually, at both national and international levels.

Strategic Workplan

The following table presents the indicators, targets, lead partners related to monitoring progress against Recommendation 8:

Action 1

H4+ will work with other UN partners to further develop current databases on key indicators and disseminate effectively

Action 2

From 2011, monitoring of adherence to the IHP+ principles will also be an integral part of accountability for the Global Strategy and IHP+ reports will be made public on the global website Every Women, Every Child

Indicator / targets

At least 50 countries have effective data sharing and dissemination mechanisms

Global partners have up to date databases on women's and children's health and effective dissemination of country level and global data on the core indicators

In 2011, governments and partners should further clarify their announced financial commitments (up to US$40 billion) to the Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health to enable these commitments to be tracked at global and country level

Lead partner

Academic and research institutions

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