Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Recommendation 9: Reporting aid

By 2012, development partners request the OECD-DAC to agree on how to improve the Creditor Reporting System so that it can capture, in a timely manner, all reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health spending by development partners. In the interim, development partners and the OECD implement a simple method for reporting such expenditure.

Strategic Workplan

The following table presents the indicators, targets, lead partners related to monitoring progress against Recommendation 9:


Development of improved Creditor Reporting System

Indicator / targets

By 2012, development partners agree on the method

By 2013, OECD has developed the technology to support the new Creditor Reporting system and donors begin reporting using the new methods

Lead partner

Global level: OECD-DAC for the database, with inputs from EC, WHO, World Bank, USAID on methods

Countdown to 2015, supported by PMNCH, in the short run estimating donor commitments and disbursements for women's and children's health until DAC database revised and relatively complete

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