Yaws eradication

Yaws: strict compliance with WHO’s Morges strategy critical to achieve eradication

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13 February 2018 | Geneva --The WHO Morges Strategy to eradicate yaws recommends large-scale treatment of at risk and infected individuals with oral azithromycin to accelerate the interruption of yaws transmission.

Any proven persistent cases found after azithromycin treatment should be reviewed and treated with benzathine benzylpenicillin injection.

Yaws eradication: global experts meet after signature of medicine donation agreement

©WHO Vanuatu. Children queuing during a Yaws campaign in Vanuatu, 2016

29 January 2018 |Geneva –– The World Health Organization (WHO) is hosting meeting to discuss surveillance, monitoring and evaluation as it prepares the first phase of a renewed global campaign to eradicate yaws.

The meeting follows the recent agreement between WHO and the Brazilian pharmaceutical company EMS for the donation of 150 million tablets of azithromycin - an oral antibiotic - that cures the disease. Yaws mainly affects children who live in poor, rural communities.

Cameroon investigates yaws outbreak among indigenous populations

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21 July 2017 | Geneva –– The World Health Organization (WHO) is providing financial support, medicine, technical and logistical assistance to Cameroon to contain an outbreak of yaws among its tribal population in the country's east region.

Hundreds of people and household contacts have already been treated as medical teams continue to find cases in order to prevent the disease spreading to neighboring areas.

Accelerating yaws eradication: antibiotic added to WHO’s essential medicines list


9 June 2017 | Geneva –– The World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated azithromycin as the antibiotic for the treatment of yaws - a chronic infectious disease that mainly affects children.

Its inclusion in WHO's latest Model list of Essential Medicines is expected to facilitate access to the medicine and enhance the implementation its eradication, worldwide.

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