Yaws eradication

Report of a global meeting on yaws eradication surveillance, monitoring and evaluation Geneva, 29–30 January 2018

WHO/Department of control of neglected tropical diseases

Publication details

Editors: Dr K. Asiedu/Yaws
Number of pages: x, 37 p.
Publication date: December 2018
Languages: English
WHO reference number:



Objectives and expected outputs of the meeting

  • 1. To develop protocols for surveys and mapping:
    • confirming the presence of the disease in countries not currently reporting cases;
    • determining the extent of the disease and guiding mass drug administration (MDA) in countries currently reporting cases (or where mapping still confirms cases); and
    • verifying the interruption of transmission.
  • To review recording and reporting forms for routine surveillance.
  • To plan the implementation of mass treatment in endemic countries.

Eradication of yaws: a guide for programme managers should be used together with Eradication of yaws: procedures for verification and certification of interruption of transmission and Summary report of a consultation on the eradication of yaws, 5–7 March 2012, Morges, Switzerland.

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