Yaws eradication

Results of the global yaws and mycetoma surveys 2017

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WHO/ Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases

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Editors: Dr K. Asiedu/Yaws
Number of pages: 12 p.
Publication date: 17 August 2018
Languages: English and French
WHO reference number:
No. 33, 2018, 93, 417–428



Yaws is a neglected tropical disease (NTD) caused by Treponema pallidum subspecies pertenue, transmitted by direct skin-toskin contact. In the WHO roadmap on NTDs, published in 2012, yaws is targeted for eradication by 2020. India was certified free of yaws in 2016; Ecuador has reported interruption of transmission, but elimination is pending verification; 14 countries are currently considered endemic for yaws, and the current status of 84 countries and territories that were known to be endemic in the 1950s is unknown.

In April 2017, the WHO department for the control of the NTDs sent a questionnaire to all countries through its regional offices (except the European Region) in order to gather baseline information from Member States to help WHO plan implementation of the World Health Assembly resolution (WHA66.12) to eradicate yaws by 2020.

Mycetoma is a chronic infectious disease characterized by invasion and destruction of skin and subcutaneous tissue by either bacteria or fungi. Little is known about mycetoma, its pathogenesis, transmission or biology, and effective treatment options are limited. Action has, however, been taken to improve the situation of patients suffering from this devastating disease. In May 2016, the Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly adopted a resolution (WHA69.21) requesting WHO to include mycetoma in the list of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and to support Member States in which mycetoma is endemic to strengthen their capacity to improve early detection and access to treatment, assess the burden of disease and, when necessary, establish disease control measures.

To meet these requests, the department of control of NTDs at WHO headquarters, in collaboration with the relevant WHO country and regional offices, decided to conduct a global survey on mycetoma to gather preliminary information from Member States, to support WHO’s plan for implementation of resolution WHA69.21.

In this paper are presented the results of these 2 global surveys.

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